Michael Mayhall

Director / Writer - Emmy Nominated

… Simply Put ... 

I am a story teller ... and I am always looking for the next story to tell.

Bronx SIU

Writer & Director of the Emmy Nominated 

Original UMC Series

Season 1

this TV show was a totally unique experience and an awe inspiring journey.  Sixteen episodes, Four States,  countless work hours, one great show.

Season 2

Writing and Directing to me is a not so much a calling ... but, more a ... if I don't put down these stories in my head, the voices of all those characters will drive me bonkers ... sort of thing.”

Brian White and I, going over a few last minute dialogue changes for Season 2 of Bronx SIU.

Aaron Spears and I dialing in the character for the feature ‘Christmas For Sale’. It was the first scene shot and one of the last scenes of the movie. 

A House Divided


It's an intense drama about a family that slowly comes unravelled after the death of a family member.

I really like this one … and glad to be wearing the director's hat (and producer hat) since its  inception.  

Another film I put on the Director's hat for is 

'Falling in Love Again'.

A beautiful and simple story about, well, falling in love again ... this one hits all the right buttons and has something in it we can all relate to ... that we're all human and no one is perfect. 

Except for this movie.

This is a photo of mt DP, Jason Weary, and I plotting out our next series of shots.

Death Hunt

aka Jake’s Road

The first feature I directed.   It's a n intense drama about a family that slowly comes unravelled after the death of a family member. 

Super proud of it. 

It did great in the film festival circuit, won several awards 

and it’s out on amazon.

Our distribution made us change the name from Jake’s Road to Death Hunt … live and learn. 

‘It’s cheesy. But, my best take away. Everyone who worked this film are still friends ... 

and continues to work together.’

To me ... 

Directing is all about the story ... 

the big and small and how it all fits together.

Mike Mayhall

Emmy Nominated Director/ Writer/ Producer