Michael Mayhall

Video Clips from the Emmy Nominated ‘A House Divided’ & ‘Bronx SIU’

“here are a few that I enjoyed not only creating, but as a fan.”

Demetria McKinney & Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs

Cameron finds out his wife was just held at gun point, because of something he did. 

“I loved blocking this moment. So much is happening here. Each person has done terrible things and their armor is starting to dent as plans and plots quickly unravel.”

It’s corny, but at times, I love a good montage … 

The one is from Bronx SIU, a dark and gritty police Crime Drama. In these moments, a character is dealing with the fall out of being kidnapped and having all her beliefs challenged.  The rest of the team starts to fracture … 

This montage is also from Bronx SIU. In these final moments, everything comes unraveled. Secrets are exposed and our main character, played by Shanti Lowry, our lead detective, finally breaks and goes on a violent rampage.

Demetria McKinney, Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs, Glen Plummer & LisaRaye McCoy

“A nice fight scene and the fall out, because who doesn’t like a good fight, right?”

Khalil Kain & SIU Team

Khalil Kain, as the Police Chief, is trying to help one of their own.

“Khalil is great. Up for anything and just came in a killed it as the Chief. A complex character that walks a razors edge of being a dirty cop for the right reasons”

Taja V. Simpson & Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs

She gives him advice he doesn’t want to hear.

“Taja just owned this moment. This scene was a massive set up for the rest of their relationship this season.”

Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs 

as a suspect in his best friends murder. 

Confronted by the cops while in the morgue.

“Larry just hit this one out the park. I love working with him”

Demetria McKinney & Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs

A shift in power and the relationship.

“This was a great scene That I was very particular about. We were all keyed in and just hit it out the park.”

Shanti Lowry & Denise Boutte

Jasmine (Denise Boutte) finally confronts Yolanda (Shanti Lowry) about sleeping with her husband. 

“They just nailed this scene … I could feel their rage while sitting behind the camera.”

Shanti Lowry & Richard E. Harris

 Yolanda (Shanti Lowry) snaps when dealing when her abusive father who suffers from dementia . 

‘This scene was a beast. It was raw and organic. We all worked to get it there. It was tough also. Yolanda’s Father was an abusive man who used to molest her, but now he has dementia and doesn’t remember. Yolanda, who takes care of him and pays for his nursing home, can no longer hold back the years of torment and abuse she quietly endured … the result is this scene.”

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